Everyone loves to gamble and fish – so why not combine the two and create a game where players can test their luck while also developing a strategic mindset? That’s exactly what you can do with this fun, new version of shooting fish gambling game.

As you read through this article, you’ll learn how to play this exciting game that will leave everyone begging for another round as soon as it’s over. You won’t need a lake or an aquarium to play this game, just some friends and a willingness to risk your money (or chips). The rules are simple, but there’s more strategy involved here than you might think. Let’s get started!

What You’ll Need To Play

First, let’s cover what you’ll need before you start the game. You’ll need somewhere to play the game where you don’t risk damaging the flooring, like a table or some carpeting. You’ll also want plenty of tokens for each player – a $10 buy-in is typical.

Some ways to keep score would be useful as well, like a pencil and paper or a scoring app for your phone. Finally, you’ll need some cards. You don’t need a deck for this game – just a few will do. Beyond that, you don’t need anything else but a table and chairs for each player.

You don’t even need fish if you don’t want to use the theme from the game’s name. The shooting fish gambling game can also be played with anything else that you want to bet on.

How To Play Shooting Fish

The first step to playing with shooting fish gambling game is to find a fish tank or aquarium. If you don’t own one already, try looking for a fish store to see if they’ll allow you to borrow one for the game. If you don’t find one there, try calling a pet store or even a rental company.

Next, you’ll need to decide what to bet on. This can be anything from a photo opp to a dare. Next, you’ll need to decide how many players are in the game. 4 players are the standard, but shooting should be able to be played with as few as 2 or as many as 8.

Once you have those details worked out, you’re ready to start the shooting fish gambling game. Begin by dealing out 3 cards to each player. After that, each player will take a turn with this sequence:

Betting Turn

– In this part of the turn, the player can bet on any fish they like. There are two different ways to bet:

The Pick Bet

– When the player picks a fish, they have to pick a card from their hand that corresponds with the fish. This means that if the fish is a goldfish, you have to pick the card with the goldfish picture on it.

The Play Bet

– If your bet wins and you have the card that corresponds with the winning fish, you win! If you don’t have the card, you lose. This means that you’ll have to pay the other players the amount you bet. – If the card you pick is the same as the winning card, you lose.

Give Each Player 3 Tokens

The first rule of shooting fish gambling game is that each player has 3 tokens. These tokens are what you use to bet on a card. The first token is given to you as soon as you start the game. Once you use this token, you’ll have to wait until it’s your turn again before you can bet again.

The second and third tokens are given to you when you finish betting. You can use any combination of your tokens during each turn and you can use the same token more than once. The best strategy is to use one token for the first fish you bet on and the other for the second.

This way, you’ll be able to bet on the first three fish of the game and you’ll have one token left if you lose both turns.

Everyone Starts With 3 Cards

The second rule of shooting fish gambling game is that everyone starts with three cards. You’ll use these cards to bet on fish. You can look at your cards at any point during the game. Keep in mind that you can’t change these cards or discard them.

You can, however, use them as a reminder of what fish you bet on. If you remember the card you bet on, you can use it to remind yourself what the fish looked like so you don’t have to keep looking back at the aquarium.

Bet On A Card

The third rule of shooting fish gambling game is that you have to bet on a card. You don’t have to bet on the first fish you see, but you’ll have to bet on a card no matter what. This means that if you want to bet on a fish that isn’t the first one you see, you’ll have to wait until it swims by again so you can use that card.

If you’re playing with 4 people, the first fish comes around 4 times. This means you’ll have to decide whether or not to bet on a fish and risk losing your tokens early in the game. If you wait, you’ll risk having someone else bet on the same fish you wanted to bet on.

The Card With The Highest Value Wins

The fourth rule of shooting fish gambling game is that the card with the highest value wins. If two or more players have the same card, then the first player who uses that card wins. If two or more players have the same card and they’re both used at the same time, then the first player who used that card wins.

This means that it’s important to pay attention to what cards your opponents have and when they use them. If you see someone bet on a card and then you remember having the same card, you should use it as soon as you can so you win the bet.